Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Good morning world.

This is the first post on this blog. Hopefully not the last. I'm a real flash in the pan, so you can expect me to disappear after a couple of posts, out of boredom, lack of inspiration, lack of will. Therefore, I hope that something will keep me here, either you - the readers, or some greater idea evoking in my mind. It's the first time I write a blog in English, so please forgive me all of the mistakes I make. I will hopefully get better and better after a while.

What will this blog actually be about? The title says: "POLISH INSIGHT". This means I will present you thoughts about either current events or my personal experiences from the point of view of a Polish girl. My aim is to get you acquainted  with the Polish culture, politics and language, which are all one of a kind. I'm proud of being who I am and I surely won't try to present you Poland from the bad side, even though I usually think of my country in black colours. You need to know that we, Poles, are huge complainers. Of course this doesn't mean all of the Poles, but I'm generalising. We complain about everything - politics, prices, authorities, weather. Complaining isn't bad unless there are some constructive ideas how to fix everything. We don't seem to possess them, but we keep on complaining either way. :) This is actually a very funny feature and our complaining never gets serious, we usually make jokes about politicians and the weak economical situation during family gatherings, which are a really Polish thing.

Okay, I think this is enough for the first post. I have a very good idea for the next one, but I need to carefully think how to write about it, because this is an issue which really annoys me. I don't want to be too ironic and cynical while conveying this to you.

However, I forgot about a very important thing! Where are my manners? I didn't present myself. So, my name is Karolina Iwańska, I am an 18-year-old girl from Poland who is interested about world issues and cultures. I'm a huge fan of music and literature. My biggest current dream is to master English and pass my school-leaving exams well in order to get accepted for University of Edinburgh, where I'd like to study Law and International Relations. I'm usually nice, but I get annoyed very quicky and can be rude then. This is my biggest disadvantage. I'm also moody and changeable as the wind, which is really tiresome! I hope to develop my writing skills while writing this blog.

I wish you all a very lovely day.

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  1. Le monde dit "Bonjour" à Karolina et espère qu'elle lui montrera toute la quintessence de l'esprit polonais.
    Mais le monde n'a aucun doute à ce sujet.

    Bonne chance!

    signé: une parisienne anonyme